• Get better, Do better, So then you can live better!!

    We are offering a non-contact skills football program for all experience levels, from beginner to all-stars!


Protege 99 Sports

Get better, Do better, So then you can live better!!

In today’s society, our young athletes are not receiving the fundamental skills that will develop them as leaders in football – on and off the field. There is a predominance of selfish play and “look at me” attitudes. Protégé 99 seeks to address this challenge by offering a football program for all experience levels. We focus on non-contact skills from beginner to all-stars. Our program teaches you to develop your skills and get into shape for the season while learning to be better communicators and volunteers.

About Us

Protégé 99 is a grassroots movement which is built around the integrity of our community and the needs of our youth. In today’s society, sports are a positive outlet for young adults, and they need the right tools and direction to ensure that they are successful. We are offering a non-contact skills football program for all experience levels, from beginner to all-stars!

Our objective is to teach a solid foundation of conditioning, individual technique training, fundamental skills that will allow each player to receive a comprehensive knowledge of football from the initial introduction to their professional career on and off the field. Young athletes are not getting the fundamental skills needed to become developed for football on and off the field. This is an all-inclusive sports program that offers a variety of sports, educational activities, and quality mentor experiences.


Through participation in the Protégé 99 Football program, we anticipate approximately every player annually will improve their knowledge of football, improve their health and physical well-being; learn leadership skills; and realize life skills, such as accountability, responsibility, and perseverance.

We offer: Individual and group training specific position training, speed/agility calisthenics, video analysis, media training , water resistance, track work,recovery and flexibility.

Workout packages

We will do the first session for free. To get an assessment of where you are and what needs to be done.

3 Sessions for $75.00

What I Get?(Basic training- agility, speed, technique,condition, and fundamentals )

6 Sessions for $145.00

What I Get? (Condition, funmemtals , aglity, technique, and introduction of flexbility)

9 Sessions for $210.00

What I Get? (Flexibility, fundamentals , condition, agility, technique, track work,flim analysis)

12 Sessions for $250.00

What I Get? (Next level Trainee- flexibility,technique, condition, water resistance/recovery position one on one, film analysis class room setting, and media training, and invite for a free day NFL camp hosted by Deangelo Lloyd and friends.

Group/team packages

50 athletes for $10 each

40 athletes for $12 each

30 athletes for $15 each

20 athletes for $20 each

15 athletes for $22 each

10 athletes for $25 each

Individual training

$25 per session

Bring a friend, neighbor, or family member and receive an incentives!!


DeAngelo Lloyd: Founder, Protégé 99

DeAngelo Lloyd played Defensive Line at the University of Tennessee 1997- 2000 on a team that went 13-0 BCS National Championship and two SEC championships. He also played NFL for the Green-Bay Packers, NY-Jets and Cleveland-Browns. He played NFL Europe for the Frankfurt Galaxy and Berlin Thunder. DeAngelo had the opportunity to play Arena Football for Austin Wranglers and the Carolina Cobra’s. He was the All American football player two times and All State two time defensive player of the year.

DeAngelo has trained current professional athletes and coached for over seven years in high schools in both North Carolina and Tennessee.

Jeremy Parmes: Co-Founder, Protégé 99

Jeremy Parmes played football at Red Bank High School in Chattanooga, TN for three years. Out of those three years he played RB, FB, LB, and DE as well as winner of two Lift-Of-Ton trophies and 110% award. He attended Carson-Newman College where he played RB for two years. After, he graduated with his Bachelor in Business Management, he became Head Coach for the Avondale Chargers, an inner city little league of 4-6 year olds, as well coach 7-8 ages for two years. where I teaches self-discipline, fundamentals, and leadership on and off the field.


May 20 (Level up Football camp)

Time: 11a.m-1p.m.
Location: Chattanooga Tn: Address-only when you sign up and inquire about the camp.
Cost: $20
Pre-register on the website under the contact form.
Coach: Former NFL and National Champion VOLS player DeAngelo Lloyd
Coach: Former outstanding player who Finished career leader in yards and receptions at Virginia Tech and former NFL WR and Current CFL player Jarrett Boykin.

We Teach Football, media  and give you the proper skills on and off the field. Life lessons. Athletic ablity only take you so far.

*Everybody needs public speaking and know how to conduct an interview*  Only camp around the area that provide these lessons*

Community Service

Get better, Do better, so then you can live better

A: Charlotte NC 28213

P: 980-785-3657

E: protege99@outlook.com